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Your Local Transfer Station in Whitman, Massachusetts

At DeSac Disposal, Inc. we understand your projects are your priority and the clean-up process can become an overwhelming step. When you choose DeSac Disposal, you choose the counties most convenient, eco-friendly waste removal services. Contact us now for a free quote on transfer station services!

Why Choose Transfer Station Services?

At DeSac, Inc. our job is protecting the environment and community we live in. So when research showed us that total trash volumes drop quickly, significantly, and offers more sustainability we developed transfer stations in Whitman, Massachusetts for community use. This can result in less environmental damage caused by improper trash disposal and improved trash collection. Consumers respond to the availability of transfer station services by reusing grocery bags, increasing recycling and composting efforts.
Transfer Station, DeSac, Inc. Whitman, Massachusetts
When residents of Whitman, Massachusetts recycle more, it reduces the need for ‘virgin' resources extracted from forests, oil reserves, and mines. As a result we contribute by:

  • Using less energy
  • Reducing the emission of greenhouse gas
  • Reducing the potential for air and water pollutants
  • Conserving natural resources
  • and More!!!